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Support for Valley Christian School has been a core component to the success of the school. Faithful stewards have provided critical financial resources through the years. Through their support, a wide-variety of opportunities have been made possible for students who attend Valley Christian School including:

  • the expansion of financial aid support
  • the implementation of new programs
  • the enhancement of existing programs
  • improved campus security
  • new website and RenWeb

Although tuition is the primary source of revenue for Valley Christian School, the practice of stewardship has resulted in the steady and consistent growth of enrollment, programs, and facilities as well as the ability to keep tuition low in comparison to other private schools of similar size and scope of programs.

But tuition and good stewardship alone cannot provide funding to cover the full cost of education. Additional funding through gift support is vital. Support from friends, parents, grandparents, alumni, and foundations are important sources of support.

Your gift, regardless of the amount, is an investment, measured in the lives of the students who feel the impact of your gift. A gift to Valley Christian School will impact students today and for eternity.

Give Today!
If you'd like to give today, you can contact Shannan Painter, Director of Development at or 406-549-0482 Ext 212

Thank you for supporting Valley Christian School.

Valley Christian School
c/o Development
2526 Sunset Lane
Missoula, MT 59804

Mission Statement: Valley Christian School exists to partner with Christian families that desire educational excellence taught through a biblical worldview so their children will be prepared for a lifetime of authentic faithfulness to Jesus Christ.