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Referral Program

Our student referral program give current school families, faculty and staff the opportunity to earn tuition credits by simply sharing their VCS experience with a family who later enrolls. 

Program Basics
  1. You share your VCS school experience with friends and family.
  2. You receive a tuition credit if they enroll and mention your name as the referring family.
  3. You complete a referral form and submit it to the admissions office.
  4. The tuition credit you earn is applies to your tuition account.

Referring families receive one of the following tuition credits per new family that enrolls:

  • Grades 1st - 12th qualify for a $500 total tuition credit.
  • Kindergarten (only) referrals qualify for a $250 total tuition credit.
  • Preschool (only) referrals qualify for a $200 tuition credit. 

See “Referral Program & Rules” for more information…
Referral Program Rules & Form