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Valley Christian School Board

The oversight of our school is currently shared by six individuals who comprise the Board of Trustees.The Board provides the school with Godly leadership. Our school board is self-perpetuating, and new members are selected by the Board based on their evidenced spiritual leadership, maturity, and Christ-likeness.

Board members evaluate their ministries each spring and agree as to whether or not the Lord is calling them to continue in this ministry.  From the first meeting in June of 1978 the Board has agreed to function in a spirit of unity and submission to the Lord and to one another.

Every decision made has been unanimous.  Where there is doubt or hesitation, the matter is tabled for further prayer and seeking of the Lord’s will.

We extend appreciation to our current board members:
Pat Hover (Chairman)
Rick Hoaglin
Joe Fanguy
Jeff Karvandi
Jerry Kelly
Josh Moser

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Left to Right:
Rick Hoaglin, Joe Fanguy, Pat Hover, Jerry Kelly, Josh Moser, Jeff Karvandi