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Overview of Valley Christian School

On July 20, 1978, five men signed the initial documents for incorporation of Valley Christian School. The driving verse for these men was Col. 1:18b “…that in all things HE might have the preeminence.” They desired to create a Christian environment; a place where Christ could become preeminent in all things and the Bible should be the book by which all experiences are evaluated. They believed Valley Christian School would provide the setting for developing the academic abilities of all the students as well as developing a Christian moral system.

These men took a step of faith in signing these documents, certainly not knowing what God would do in the ensuing years with His school. Today, we are reaping the benefits of their decision as they listened to God’s voice in their hearts.

On September 4, 1979, the first school year began for Valley Christian School with 50 K-6th grade students. An additional grade was added each year with the first graduating class being 1986. Thirty-five years later, our 700th student graduated on May 17, 2015. Praise the Lord for the faith of those five men and the many that have partnered with VCS in the last 35 years!

Even though there have been many changes over the last 35 years, some things just WON’T change here at Valley Christian School. For example, making Jesus preeminent is still non-negotiable; making an atmosphere where children are hearing One Voice, the Same Voice, at home, church and school. Jesus is still taught in every classroom, in every subject, and we still lean on the same faith these men did; believing He will provide for all of our needs through the faithful families and supporters like you that partner with us.

Valley Christian School is on a growth streak again. Praise the Lord! One area of growth is contributed to more and more of our alumni returning to entrust VCS with their most treasured commodity; their children. They have seen the value of a Christ centered education in their lives and now desire the same for their own family. We are thankful the Lord saw to it that this next generation has the opportunity to attend Valley Christian and experience the quality and importance of Christian Education.

Valley Christian is committed to high quality academic education in a distinctive Christian setting. Our faculty members are committed Christians, certified, and capable educators, who believe that God has uniquely placed them at Valley Christian in a position of ministry to the body of Christ. We believe the teacher to be the most important ingredient in the classroom. Our classroom style is a conservative, traditional approach where classroom discipline, modest dress, respect for authority, and a genuine desire to learn are characteristics that can be observed.

Our goal is to teach Christ in all areas of the curriculum and life. To “proclaim Him” to our students so that we may present each of them “perfect in Christ” (Col. 1:28-29). We want to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything Jesus has commanded (Matt. 28:19). It is through this Christian education they will come to know the full joy of life in Christ and live productive lives in Him.

At Valley Christian your student will receive a first-rate Christian education. The primary reason for the existence of private Christian education is because of the philosophical differences between public secular education and Christian education. In the Christian framework, all truth is viewed as God's truth; and the Bible, as God's revelation, becomes the foundation for learning, for discipline, for our attitudes, etc. On the other hand, secular education rejects the Bible as absolute and instead substitutes the belief that man is in ultimate control. This reasoning of the natural man is secular humanism.

Through our chapel program and daily devotions, each student is challenged to commit his/her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to walk in daily discipleship with Him. Students are challenged to a life of service as committed laymen in their respective fields of study.

Our Mission Statement
Valley Christian School exists to partner with Christian families who desire educational excellence taught through a biblical worldview so their children will be prepared for a lifetime of authentic faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Considering Christian Education
The decision relating to the entering of your son or daughter into Christian education is indeed an important one. To obtain a snapshot of what our school has to offer, check out our school profile here.

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