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Overview of Valley Christian School

Colossians 1:18b - “…that in all things He might have the preeminence.”

In 1978, five men met to create an environment where Christ would be preeminent, and where the Bible would be the book by which all experiences will be evaluated. On July 20th of that year, these men signed the incorporation papers for Valley Christian School. Their belief was that the school would provide a setting that would develop academic abilities built upon a strong, moral Christian worldview.

On September 4, 1979, Valley Christian School opened its doors to 50 K-6th students. Each following year, the school added another grade until the first graduating class walked the aisle in 1986. Since then, more than 750 students have graduated over the past 40 years!

Valley Christian School has grown and changed over the years. There are now sports, drama productions, concerts, community service, and much more. It is obvious that the foundational truths of the school have not changed: the Bible is integrated into every subject, Jesus is preeminent, and faith guides the decisions that are made. VCS passes these concepts onto students, all the while stressing the importance of a life of obedience to Christ as opposed to the message of the world which promotes self-gratification.  

Valley Christian School is committed to high quality academic education in a distinct, Christian setting. The faculty members are capable educators, committed Christians, certified, and teach at VCS because they believe God called them into this ministry.

Students learn the importance of respect for themselves, each other, and their authorities. Modest dress, classroom discipline, and academic rigor in a family-like atmosphere sets Valley Christian School apart from other schools in the area.

Bible is taught daily in each of our grade level classes. In the younger grades, students learn Bible content, the truths from God’s Word, and the importance of applying those truths. As they get older, the focus is on developing a solid Christian worldview, solidifying what they believe and how to defend it. Our prayer and desire is that students will hold onto their faith and choose to follow Christ once they leave Valley Christian School.

Our Mission Statement

Valley Christian School exists to partner with Christian families who desire educational excellence taught through a biblical worldview so their children will be prepared for a lifetime of authentic faithfulness to Jesus Christ.