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Aana Blalock’s Valley Christian Memorial Scholarship was her dream to bless students at Valley Christian in memory of her. Her heart’s desire was for students who had financial need to be able to receive an education honoring the Lord. If you would like to support this scholarship please choose "Donate Now" and add a personal note saying "Aana Blalock Scholarship", or you may mail a check to the following address:
Valley Christian School
2526 Sunset Lane
Missoula, MT 59804
c/o The Aana Blalock Memorial Scholarship Fund


This scholarship is a one year award of $2,000. Two awards are awarded each year.  Scholarship winners are notified no later than June 15th.  Awards are automatically applied to tuition the following school year. Applicants are welcome to reapply every year.   
Selection Criteria:

Recipient selection is based on evidence of achievement in the areas of Integrity and Character. A successful candidate is a positive influence on their peer group and displays qualities such as compassion and empathy for others, interest in and respect for others, humility, honesty, loyalty, courtesy, courage, and maturity. 

Qualifying applicants must:  
  • Be an entering or returning full-time student at Valley Christian School. 
  • Be entering grades 9th - 12th.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academics. 
  • Complete an essay application and submit it to the admissions office no later than May 31st.
Qualifying applicants must demonstrate the following:
  • A desire to make a meaningful contribution to society both present and future. 
  • Involvement in their community.
  • A pursuit of goals and aspirations with integrity, resolution, self-discipline and sound judgment.
  • Leadership characteristics. 
  • Grit when faced with hardships. 

For more information on applying for this scholarship, please contact the admissions department at 406-549-0482 ext. 231. 

Aana Blalock Memorial Scholarship Application