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Valley Christian offers a four-day, Monday through Thursday, private preschool schedule consisting of 2 ½ hours of daily class time. We have found this schedule to provide sufficient time to fully cover our Pre-K curriculum, while still allowing families to enjoy three consecutive days without school.

The goal of our Christian preschool is to prepare children to be kindergarten-ready while also providing early exposure to Christian principles.

To enroll in Valley Christian’s preschool program, we require each child to be 4 years old by September 10th in the fall for which they are enrolling.

Valley Christian Preschool has been highly ranked in Missoula’s Choice Awards for Missoula’s Best Preschool.

For more information on preschool registration, tuition, or curriculum, please contact the school office at 549-0482 or come by the school office and pick up a Preschool brochure.