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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask that my donation be designated for a specific student?

Sadly, no. IRS regulations prevent donors from giving scholarships to specific students and receiving tax deductions for such gifts. If you really want to give to a specific student’s tuition, you can contribute straight to their account through the Business Office. If you do that, however, your gift won’t be matched and you won’t receive a charitable tax donation receipt.

Is there a separate application process to receive these funds?

No. Tuition discounts are awarded each year based on applications through FACTS. These funds will help supply actual dollars to discounts awarded to families that have already applied for assistance.

What if I can't give $1,000? Will it still be matched?

Yes! Every gift to the scholarship fund between now and September 15th will be matched.

Will students be notified of this scholarship?

Students have already received their tuition discount amounts for this year. Our goal in creating this program is to help make others aware of the need for actual dollars to finance the tuition discounts that we already give out. 

Will my gift be anonymous?

Yes. Our school board policy is that giving is done anonymously so that God receives the glory!

We do think there is great value in having a student realize that real people have given to support their education. That knowledge will help them to be grateful, and it will also give them a model to follow when they are alumni capable of making gifts in the future. For these reasons, we will be working with students receiving tuition discounts to develop a heart of gratitude for the gifts they have received.