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Emergency Communications Procedures

Valley Christian School values the safety of our students, parents, faculty & staff. In addition to the measures we have taken to maintain a safe and secure campus, we have also established procedures for possible severe-weather school closures, and how we communicate these instances to our school community.

Severe Weather Closure Days


Covid-19 Information

We ask that all visitors to our campus respect the safety of our students and support our efforts to continue educating our students on-campus, 5 full-days a week. We appreciate your partnership during this challenging time. 

Covid-19 has impacted us all in some way. But, as believers, we have HOPE that our Heavenly Father will sustain us during these challenging times. His provisions and love for us never fades, never fails, and will outlive and outlast anything this world puts in our path. 

Our desire is to prayerfully make decisions regarding our programs with the goal of fostering safety and protection for our students, school families, faculty, and staff. We have collaborated with the Governor's office, the Missoula County Health Department, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and have established our own Covid-19 Task Forces, all in an effort to come up with a plan that best meets the needs of our students while adhering to the COVID-19 preventative mandate rules. 

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VCS Safe Learning Plan 2020-2021
Covid-19 Facts Sheet
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Govenor's - Executive Order
MT Covid Case Map
Missoula County Health Department


Covid-19 Resources & Inspiration
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