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Faculty & Staff Members

Our faculty and staff believe that God has uniquely placed them at Valley Christian School in a position of ministry to the body of Christ.  Guided by these teachers and staff, children are encouraged to develop disciplined learning habits, positive social skills, and Christ-like attitudes and values.  

Elementary Faculty and Staff
Jenny DeGroot - Preschool Teacher
Linda Jourdonnais - Preschool Teacher
Ashley Oyen - Preschool Aide, HS Home Economics
Kira Miller - Preschool Aide, Afternoon Aide
Charity Schoemer - Kindergarten Teacher, Afternoon Aide, Homework Club Advisor 
Melisa Reimer - Kindergarten Teacher
Sarah Contreras - Kindergarten Teacher
Ember DeGroot - Kindergarten Aide
Jesse Lee - 1st grade Teacher
Sarah Palmer - 1st grade Teacher
Katie Bearden - 2nd grade Teacher
Natalyia Lemeza - 2nd grade Teacher
Greg Lee - 3rd grade Teacher
Mary Hiltz - 3rd grade Teacher (afternoons)
Rachael T - 3rd grade Teacher (mornings)
Karen Moore - 4th grade Teacher
Lanada Tag - 4th grade Teacher
Charity Schallock - 5th grade Teacher (mornings)
Erin Hanson - 5th grade Teacher (afternoons)
Jon Hawkins - 6th grade Teacher
Lori Levine - PE Teacher, School Nurse
Maureen Ammondson - Art Teacher
Michael Reimer - Band Teacher
Molly Reimer - Music Teacher
Nadene Schieder - Librarian
Carolyn Goldammer - Resources
Loranna Schwacofer - Resources
Felicia Kuntz - Student Store Supervisor, Before School Care Supervisor
Staci Beaver - Student Store Aide
Janet Brewer - After School Care Supervisor
Shayna Surratt - After School Care Aide
Meghan Koshatka - Elementary Secretary
Crystal Armerding - Elementary Secretary
Junior High Faculty and Staff
Kelsey Loveall - Teacher
Lorie Hawkins - Teacher
Maureen Ammondson - Art Teacher
Molly Reimer - Music Teacher
Michael Reimer - Band Teacher
Noelle DeCan - History Teacher
Noelle Glidewell - Science Teacher
Rory Christiaens - Athletic Director
Shelly Colwell - JH/HS Secretary
High School Faculty and Staff
Carol Elsen - High School English Teacher
David Levine - IT/Computer Science
Jim Centifanto - Industrial Arts Teacher
Jared Beaird - Greek Teacher
Jeff Norberg - Science Teacher
John Elsen - Math Teacher
Logan Frieberghaus - Spanish Teacher
Laurie Job - Business Teacher
Maureen Ammondson - Art Teacher/Yearbook
Molly Reimer - Music Teacher
Michael Reimer - Band Teacher
Noelle DeCan - History, Government, Geography  Teacher
Noelle Glidewell - Science Teacher
Tei Nash - Bible Teacher
Ashley Oyen - Pre-School Aide, HS Home Economics
Rory Christiaens - Counselor, Athletic Director
Beth Howard - Counselor
Shelly Colwell - JH/HS Secretary
Anthony Baugher - Head of School
Dave Entwistle - JH/HS Principal
Cheryl Nurse - Elementary Principal
Marcia Snyder - Eagle Christian Principal
Lynnette Sims - Business Manager
Keaton Surratt - Maintenance/IT Director
Chris Martineau - Curriculum Director
Sherry Cabrera - Admissions Director
Brian Dierking - Custodial Services Director
Support Staff
Brian Dierking - Custodial Services Director
Travis Brewer  - Custodian
Andrew Hawkins - Custodian
Zoya Yarmolich - Custodian