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Emergency Communications Procedures

  • The following guidelines have been adopted by Valley Christian School. Valley Christian School will remain open, if at all possible, on all scheduled school days. Even when weather conditions are extreme, every effort will be made to keep schools open in the belief that it is in the best interest of the students. Since parents are the primary protector they will need to decide what is right for their children. The option to keep children home when weather conditions are extreme is always at the parents’ discretion and the school understands and respects the decision.

Severe Weather Closure Days

  •  The following information outlines the communication procedures. All parents, faculty and staff should look to this information between the hours of 6-8 am.
  • Closures Posted on Social Media
    • School closure information will be posted by 6:30 a.m. The school will also send out a message via our Parent Alert system by text, phone, and email. 
    • Remember to keep telephone lines free, parents are asked not to call the school as the phone lines will be used for emergencies.
  • Authorized Statements
    • The media will only announce school closures when authorized by the Head of School or his designee after he has consulted with the principals, the National Weather Service, and other state, county and city agencies.
    • Messages will be aired by the local media stations:
      • "Schools Will Be Closed” (day and date)
      • "Schools Will Start Late” (day and date)
      • “Schools Will Dismiss Early” (day and date)
    • All closures are for one day only
    • All announcements are for one day only.
  • Normal Operation
    • No announcement means normal operation.
  • Parents Need An Emergency Plan
    • Parents are encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children in the event that school is closed, start late or are dismissed early. Parents should instruct their children where to go or what to do if a parent is not at home.
  • Make-up Days           
    • Days lost because of inclement weather will be made up.