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Elementary Student of the Month

Elementary (Grades K-6) Student of the Month


December 2017

Ella Bracamonte – 1st Grade
This student is polite, enthusiastic and responsible.  It has been a pleasure to have her in first grade!  She puts a consistent strong effort into her work and completes assignments with quality in mind, always doing her best for Jesus.  Her gentle, quiet nature makes her a role model for her classmates.  She is a great friend who is always looking for ways to help and encourage others.  It has been a wonderful year so far and I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses her for his glory!  Congratulations, Ella!  - Sarah Palmer, 1st Grade Teacher
Lily House – 3rd Grade
Lily models the kind of engaged student every teacher would love to have filling up their classroom.  She is a steady and committed student, day in and day out.  Her positive and open attitude has helped her build her knowledge and investigate God’s will.  She listens well and eagerly shares her thoughts in class discussions.  She strives hard to do her best for Christ and is willing to go above and beyond to prove that.  She does not let obstacles get in her way; rather she allows them to become her strength.  We are proud of the young woman of God Lily is becoming and count it a privilege to be able to teacher her.          – Rachael Terrill/Mary Hiltz, 3rd Grade Teachers
Seth Christiaens – 5th Grade
Seth is being rewarded as a Student of the Month this month because he is a leader, dedicated student, and compassionate to others. When I think of Seth I am reminded of the Bible verse, Titus 2:6-8 which says “Encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may not be ashamed because they have nothing to say about us (you).” This verse exemplifies Seth in every way! He is an example of what God expects from a Godly man. He sets the example of what is good and self controlled. Seth consistently shows integrity and soundness of his speech and conduct and actions. He is dedicated in his studies and a friend to those around him. I appreciate the leader that Seth is and feel blessed to be teaching him and watching him become more a man ofGod! Seth, God has mighty plans for you!! Just keep your eyes focused on Him and you will do great things! – Charity Schallock/Erin Hanson, 5th Grade Teachers

November 2017

Hadley Spethman - 1st Grade
Hadley Spethman is a joy to have in our first grade class this year. Her desire to love and please God is evident in her joyous outpouring of love, care and respect for her neighbors at school. Hadley seeks to put others before herself. She works hard for the Lord in every task, setting an example of diligence for her peers to follow. She is also an extraordinarily deep thinker for her age as evidenced by her observations and questions about every subject. Hadley loves God and His Word and I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to use her for His Glory in the coming months and years.  – Mr. Jesse Lee, 1st Grade Teacher
Bailey Levine - 4th Grade
Remarkable is the word that describes this student of the month. She is a student that I would love to teach 365 days a year.  She excels in all she does and works diligently until she has reached near perfection. She is an independent learner who understands the world around her and loves to learn. She loves Jesus and glorifies God not only in her school work, but also in the beautiful character of Christ she displays every day to those in and out of the classroom. She is a beautiful young woman of amazing character, highly intelligent, kind, and truly amazing. She is remarkable and I feel so blessed to have her in my 4th grade class this year.  Blessings and love, Mrs. Lanada Tag – 4th Grade Teacher
Kayden Armerding - 6th Grade
A characteristic that exemplifies Kayden is a kindness. When other students have been absent she is quick to help them get caught up. She is willing to take her recess time to spend with a classmate who may not feel well or needs to stay in to complete missed schoolwork. She is careful with her words to build up and not tear-down other students.  She is quick to obey and do what is right. Kayden is also hard working and diligent in her school work. She is a wonderful student and I am glad to have her as part of my class this year. – Mr. Jon Hawkins, 6th Grade Teacher

October 2017

Gideon Tooley - Kindergarten
This student is a blessing to have in my classroom.  Every morning I am greeted with a joyful smile and a happy heart.  This student portrays Godly character in the initiative he takes during the day.  He is a kind friend to others, helps where he sees a need, and always does his best for God’s glory.  This student is attentive during class work, obeys first time, and is prepared to move on when his work is finished.  I am proud to have this student in my class, and excited to name him student of the month!  Congratulations, Gideon Tooley!!! – Charity Schoemer, Kindergarten Teacher
Madison Armerding – 4th Grade
This child is AMAZING!  Hard work is the way they function everyday!  She has extraordinary focus which makes her successful in doing her BEST for the Lord!  Her value does not come in getting all A’s but in doing her best for the Lord!  She is always joyful and obeys immediately.  I know that Madi loves Jesus.  I am so pleased to give this student of the month award to Madison Armerding! – Karen Moore, 4th Grade Teacher
Molly Harvey – 5th Grade
Molly is a ray of sunshine in our classroom every single day! She comes to school enthusiastic about learning and gives us her best for the Lord at all times. Molly has a very empathetic, compassionate heart for others. She will be the first one to offer to help anyone in need. As her fifth grade teachers we are blessed to spend our days with such a sweet and gifted child of God.  The verse that we think when we think of Molly is Romans 12:11-13:  “Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.  Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.  When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.”  - Charity Schallock & Erin Hanson, 5th Grade

September 2017

Tytus Tuttle

Tytus has been a joy to have in my class.  I have loved watching him grow into a godly young man this past month and half.  What I love the most about Tytus is his kind heart that puts others first.  I will often see Tytus help out a classmate or share his school supplies with someone who needs them.  Tytus also demonstrates self control in the classroom by being one of the first students to follow the directions the first time.  I am so thankful to have Tytus in my class…what a blessing!  - Cary Bell, 2nd grade teacher

Ezra Meyer

I have chosen Ezra Meyer as student of the month because he has such a heart for the Lord which is displayed through his actions on a daily basis.  Ezra is the first one to take the initiative to help a classmate who is in need whether it is holding open a door or picking up something someone may have dropped.  Where there is a need, Ezra jumps in without complaining or boasting.  He is polite, considerate and well-mannered as one can see through his pleases and saying thank you.  He is kind, considerate, honest, and very well-behaved.  Ezra truly is a blessing to my classroom. – Julie Wilson, 5th grade teacher

Riley Bernhart

As a teacher there are many things I appreciate about Riley.  First is her love for God.  She is always quick to pray.  She has a thankful heart and she desires to please God!  She also loves people.  Riley is a friend to everyone.  She reaches out to all her classmates and endeavors  to include everyone.  She also loves learning.  She is attentive in class and does her work to the best of her ability.  Riley is a joy to have in class and I am delighted that she has been chosen as the September Student of the Month.  – John Hawkins, 6th grade teacher

May 2017

Chloe Sann - Kindergarten
Cole Aquilio - 1st Grade
Chloe Cabrera - 6th Grade


April 2017

Tyson Reimer - 3rd Grade
Trevor Gedney - 4th Grade
Drew Hooper - 1st Grade

March 2017

Andrew McKethen – 4th Grade
Delilah Barker – 2nd Grade
Rhoswen Doxey – 6th Grade

February 2017

Kiara Snyder - 4th
Anikka Olvera - 5th
Matthew Farnes - 3rd

January 2017

Taya Peterson - Kindergarten

Haven Edson - Kindergarten

Charley Smith - 3rd Grade

November / December 2016

Ethan Baker - 1st Grade
Sydney Schneider - 4th Grade
Bella Kuntz - 6th Grade

October 2016

Eliana Lemeza - Kindergarten
Aerianna La - 4th Grade

September 2016

Brooklyn - 1st Grade
Hannah - 3rd Grade
Bridger - 5th Grade