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Welcome letter from our Head of School

My name is Anthony Baugher and I am entering my third year as the Head of School at Valley Christian School. Team Baugher comes from Corvallis, Oregon and we are very excited to be here at Valley Christian.  My wife Cindy and I have three children – Zach (16), Josh (14), and Kate (5).  Our previous ministry was at Santiam Christian School where I served as the Director of Athletics and Development.  My previous administrative position was in charge of overall operations of a K-12 athletic program and development department, including facility management, admissions, and all major fundraisers for a school of 700 students.

As a parent of three children, I know from personal experience that selecting the correct school for our kids is one of the most important tasks that we face as parents. I would like to share some thoughts on what makes Valley Christian such a special place today, and how  we can build on that foundation as we connect the history and heritage of our school to the next generation.

Since moving to Missoula in July of 2014, my wife Cindy and I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know our faculty, staff, parents, and students who make Valley Christian such a remarkable school here in Missoula.  We sensed right away that there was a spirit of purpose and engagement among the Valley Christian community – they have a place where they belong.  That sense of belonging helps create a powerful setting for educational and personal development which is extremely important for Valley Christian as we continue to keep the mission of our school in the forefront.  Academic excellence and a biblical worldview equals education for eternity. 

As we start out another great year here at Valley Christian School I want to emphasize the purpose of what we are doing.  While we obviously want our students to become proficient in each of the various academic areas of study, it is our hope that they will go beyond factual knowledge and gain true wisdom as a result of their education.  Specifically we want our students to learn how to think and reason as they learn to come to understand God’s universe and their place in it.  As a Christian school I believe we are in a perfect position to do just that. 

A biblical worldview in the classroom can not only bring depth and meaning to learning, it also unifies all areas of study and life.  The term university actually means unity out of diversity.  The diversity comes from various areas of study and the unity comes from truth.  However, in our postmodern society there is no longer deemed to be a truth which can be pursued.  We at Valley Christian School believe there is.  We believe that truth unifies and brings depth, meaning, and value to learning.  Indeed we believe that God’s truth is the foundation out of which all knowledge and wisdom springs. 

As a Christian school we must take full advantage of the opportunity to use our minds, in all their capacities, to glorify God.  If we do this we will develop students who can discern between truth and falsehood and who are truly prepared for life and for living it well. 

God bless!

Anthony Baugher
Head of School
Valley Christian School