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School accreditation promotes continual improvement leading to greater student achievement.  Eagle Christian School is accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, a member of AdvancED. This is one of the nation's six acknowledged accreditation agencies.  NWAC accredits distance learning schools across the country and around the world.

The mission of Eagle Christian School is to provide a quality digital, Christian education which equips students both academically and spiritually for the future.

Discipleship – Our goal is to mentor students and encourage them to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through a model of professionalism and personal commitment to Christian values.

Quality Education – Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that engages a wide-range of learning opportunities, outside the standard classroom, equips students to evaluate ideas from a Christian perspective, and enables students to reach their future educational goals.

Partnership – Our goal is to partner with parents in assessing individual academic strengths and weaknesses, and to provide tools for skill development.

Availability – Our goal is to provide a distance-education program which allows students anywhere in the world access to a quality, Christ-centered education that fits into their schedule.

Eagle Christian School began offering classes over the internet in 1996. From the beginning our desire has been to minster to Christian families who don't have access to a quality Christian school where they live. We have resisted the suggestions to move to a correspondence education; our desire is to build relationships with our students.  The technology available today allows for a very effective means of communication and provides quality learning experiences that are not available in the "standard" classroom.

We follow a standard school calendar with 16 semesters.  Link to current school calendar.
We provide due dates for the student assignments to keep students on-track.  Students who want to move through the material more quickly, have that flexibility.  Attendance is based on the completion of student work; therefore, we do not take all the vacations of a "standard" school; however, we do include a Spring Break.  Students have the flexibility to adjust their studies to fit their schedules.

The core program is required of all students who graduate from Eagle Christian School. It provides a solid academic base with opportunities for further development in several areas. The advanced studies program is strongly recommended for the college-bound student. It provides more intense academic preparation and an option for dual-credit courses. Students and their families should work closely with the school principal/counselor to meet their personal needs.

Our parent and onsite school, Valley Christian School, is a Montana state accredited school.  Our curriculum guidelines follow the State of Montana standards. Eagle Christian School has spent a considerable amount of time creating core courses that align with the state standards in both breadth and depth.  Choices in texts, novels and other literature are made with the Christian worldview in mind.  Our aim is not the exclusion of ideas, but rather equipping students to make judgments based on a Biblical perspective. It is our belief that ECS students should have access to worthy literary works, history, and ideas in math and science that are common to our culture so that they are prepared for college and prepared to be citizens in the society in which they will live. Units of study are developed using a variety of instructional strategies, assignment types, and assessments.  We incorporate projects that encourage higher order thinking and application of knowledge.

Our math courses, language courses, and history courses a supplemented through the use of online textbooks [at no additional charge to the students].  Class novels and other required readings will be the responsibility of the student to provide.  Chemistry and Pre-calculus are the only classes that require the purchase of a textbook.  All other materials required for the courses are provided as part of the online curriculum or in the Eagle Hall Library.

ECS and Moody & Bible Institute join to offer Dual-Enrollment Courses! Complete Moody courses toward a Bachelor's degree and satisfy high school graduation requirements.  You can take online semester-based courses.  They have comparable workloads to Moody's traditional undergraduate classes, but you have the flexibility to complete coursework outside the classroom at a pace convenient for you.   Courses include: Introduction to Bible Studies, Introduction to English, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Philosophy.  Students must register for classes through ECS to receive the 33% discount on tuition costs.

Graduation from Eagle Christian School requires completion of at least 23 credits in approved course work.  Students must be a full-time student [4 core classes] during their entire senior year to be a graduate of ECS.

High School credits are granted as follows: one semester equals 0.5 credits and two semesters equal 1.0 credits.  A students grade will be calculated based on a minimum of 90 hours to receive 0.5 credits.  GPA is calculated on a 4-point scale.  ECS provides official transcripts and diplomas.  An onsite graduation is also provided if three [or more] students guarantee their participation.

There are weekly "tutor sessions" on Skype set-up in which students can ask questions of the teacher and work out lessons on a whiteboard. Skype is also used for Class Chats. This is a time the teacher sets up as a discussion format.  The teacher presents questions for student discussion.  Teachers also hold Office hours on Skype  and have an email account where students or parents can contact them directly.

Our partnership with parents is a key element to student achievement.  Assessing individual academic strengths and weaknesses with the parent enables teachers to provide the necessary tools and communication methods for further skill development.  Parents are essential in setting up the learning environment in the home, monitoring student study time, and staying informed via grades and teacher feedback to the students.

ECS is moving to RenWeb which will provide instant access to student grades, homework, school announcements and directories.  Parents will have the option to download the RenWeb App that will allow them full access from their iPhone or Android device.

To request information about tuition and fees please email our principal Marcia Snyder at, thank you!

Eagle Christian School is an online Christian high school that enrolls students from across the United States.  Classes are taught through an online portal where curriculum and due dates are listed for student assignments.  We offer class discussions and individual message centers for each class which allows students and teachers to have direct interaction through Skype.

Teachers prepare their lessons using a variety of media (websites, audio, video, presentations, etc). Some classes also require the purchase of textbooks or other supplementary material. Our teachers work with students to ensure thorough understanding of the information presented. Each teacher holds daily office hours on Skype to allow students to contact teachers through a live chat format for extra assistance.  Class grade books are available online and may be viewed by parents through their private access account.

Parents are an integral part of our program. Teachers work closely with the parents apprising them of their student’s progress. Students will be asked to plan their week around assignment deadlines.  They will learn to manage their time wisely and work efficiently.  Students will be able to concentrate on what must be done and have more time for non-school activities that are important to them.

Eagle Christian administrators and teachers are dedicated to providing a Godly atmosphere where students grow spiritually and academically. Discipleship is the most important aspect of our ministry. We are all His children and we each need the strength and support of other brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Eagle Christian family (parents, students, administrators, and teachers) provide that strength and support to each other.